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Waking up the sleep industry

March 25, 2019 2 min read

If you have ever gone on mattress shopping, you’ll understand the pain of having to try tons of different mattresses, just to end up buying the last mattress you’ve tried because they all feel the same.

You’re not alone, and you have every reason to feel that way. The traditional mattress industry has been opaque. Ever noticed how confusing it is to compare prices across different mattress stores?

Intentionally or not, most of the time, the same exact mattresses are named differently across different mattress stores. How on earth are you supposed to compare that?

“But, at least I get to try it first before I buy, right?” says Pete. Well Pete, I think we can all agree that trying a mattress for 5 to 10 minutes is just not enough to know whether a mattress is suitable for us or not.

Not to mention, you’ll also have a pretty hard time trying the mattress without needing to fence off the mattress salesman who seems to have endless things to say about the mattress.

Ever wondered why a mattress costs so much? A premium quality mattress usually costs around RM5,000 or above, an ordinary quality mattress is somewhere between RM2,000 to RM3,000 and anything below that you wouldn’t want to know what’s in your mattress.

Most of what you’re paying are actually markups, there is the manufacturer’s markup, the distributor’s markup, the showroom’s markup, the retailer’s markup and the salesman’s commission. That’s a heck lot of markups.
Buying a mattress online effectively saves you from all these problems. The only place you’ll find a price tag is on the website, and it’s the same price everywhere so you can compare it easily.

Also, trying a mattress has never been so peaceful and comfortable, at your own home, you’ll get to sleep on the mattress, play on it and do just about anything on it. Best of all, it cuts away unnecessary markups by selling directly to you so you can spend that hard-earned money on something more meaningful.

Introducing Joey Mattress. The first Malaysian online mattress startup that actually wants you to sleep better. We are on a mission, a sleepy mission to bring a better sleep to Malaysians. For us, a better sleep doesn’t only mean having a well-rested sleep, it means being able to fall asleep at night knowing that you bought a mattress you absolutely love and you paid a fair price for it.

By selling mattresses online only through our website,, we are able to deliver a premium quality mattress at half the price. We’ve done so by producing our own mattresses, then selling it directly to you through the Internet to bypass the middleman. You get the point.

Understanding that most Malaysians don’t have the habit of buying a mattress online and might feel anxious about it, we are letting our customers try our mattress at their own home for 99 nights.

If you’re interested in a better night’s sleep, we can deliver the mattress to you tomorrow and have it set up for you, for free. For the first time in Malaysian history, you are literally one day away from a night of better sleep.


Winson Chong & Joey Tan
Founders of