Joey vs Sonno Mattress

Since starting our business in 2018 we’ve often been compared Sonno. Here’s some information about Joey Mattress vs Sonno that can help you be an informed consumer and make the right purchase decision.

Both Joey Mattress and Sonno are known for offering mattresses through an online platform. Joey Mattress is different from Sonno because we are a true blue Malaysian brand. Our factory is located in Selangor, our materials are all sourced from Malaysia, and our founders are Malaysian too.

When you buy a Joey Mattress, you are supporting two Malaysians who genuinely care about providing premium sleep to all Malaysians at a fair price.

We’re Malaysians, so we personally know the thrill of finding a quality product at a great price. That’s why we proudly offer fair prices to all Malaysians by not engaging in the practice of upcharging. We asked around and combed through Lowyat forum to see how much the average Malaysian is willing to pay for a quality mattress. We then researched and patented our very own premium blend, J-Foam. Even after all this, the price was kept at an affordable RM1,250-2,395. We believe that premium sleep ≠ wallet-emptying prices!

We are able to do this because we don’t depend on anyone else. We bought our own factory, a local Malaysian factory with 25 years of mattress-making experience, and we have an online-purchase-only model. This eliminates costs like showroom rental, salesman commission etc. The savings are passed on directly to you!

Below are some of the reasons why we’ve sold over 5,000 mattresses, earned over 350 5-star reviews, and was published in The Star Online, New Straits Times, The Edge Malaysia, Vulcan Post, and more. Want to try the mattress? Do so in the comfort of your own home. Check out the Joey Mattress and try it for 99 nights with a return guarantee.


RM704 or less (Sonno’s Queen size vs Queen Joey)

Malaysian Made

Made locally in Sungai Buloh, so you’re supporting the Malaysian economy with every purchase

    —    ✔️
Factory Direct

The mattress goes straight from the factory to your doorstep, eliminating middleman markup

    —    ✔️
Next Day Delivery in Klang Valley

And 2-5 Days outside Klang Valley

    —    ✔️
No pricing gimmicks 

No crazy markups for discounts like
R̶M̶3̶7̶6̶5̶ RM2,765

    —    ✔️
Number of reviews

Number of reviews accumulated in 1 year

  250  350
Expensive Showrooms

Showroom rentals and salesman commissions are all included in the price YOU pay for the mattress

    ✔️    —

This certification is common for China-made mattresses. It isn’t common in locally made Malaysian mattresses.

    ✔️    —
Shiny awards and badges look great, yes, but we found out that they can be bought. 

    ✔️    —

Joey Mattress vs Sonno:
Joey Mattress wins on Quality, Price, Reviews, and Service

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Decide for yourself.

We know doing your research before buying a mattress is important, but there’s really nothing better than testing it out in your own home.

That’s why every Joey Mattress comes with a 99-Night Trial and Free Delivery. You get the hands-on experience you need to be sure you love it, and if you don’t, we’ll take care of you every step of the way.

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