The Joey Sleep Contest is Fully Booked, But…

Shed no tears! Did you know that you can still walk-in to our event as a visitor for free?
What you can do there:

Our complimentary Joey merchandise is available in limited quantities only, so don’t forget to come earlier. See you there! 

At Joey, we value good, good sleep.

On average, humans spend around 33 years of their lives being asleep. This means we spend more time in bed than we do on anything else— be it exercise, work, hobbies, or even our loved ones.

However, most of us don’t get enough rest, much less good-quality rest on a daily basis, and we are concerned about this.

In this event, Joey dreams big:
We want to create a safe space where rest can be celebrated with ease.

So please come, sleep tight and relax.
All sleepers are winners here at The Joey Sleep Contest.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s as easy as A, B, Zzz…

See you in bed!