Here's why Joey Mattress doesn't give huge discounts

by Samantha Wong

There is a chorus of shouts as you navigate through persistent salesmen trying to find a mattress. There are so many options and each salesman is saying their products are the best, but how could they all be the best? The biggest concern is, how could the company afford to give huge discounts at no loss, makes you wonder if the price was too high in the first place?

And this, ladies and gents, before Joey Mattress was born, were the main concerns our team faces during the process of buying mattresses. 

Ridiculous discounts and freebies

Through our intensive surveys, we know that this rings true to the majority of Malaysians as our culture here of selling mattresses is giving out ridiculous discounts and freebies to entice you to buy it TODAY! It gives the customer a false sense of worry about potentially missing out on a great deal when really, the deal will always be there.

"60% off this weekend only!"

The marketing scheme of first listing the price high, then slashing it and saying "60% off this weekend only" makes us intrigued and hooked. Due to the time constraint, we will do less research than usual and be easily persuaded that this deal is as good as it can get.

10 times the actual cost

What we don't realise in the moment is, most of their selling prices are 10 times the actual cost and that's why they can offer to give you this sweet deal. They excel in making you feel special by offering it only to you before turning around and offering the same to 10 other people after you've left. This type of marketing strategy isn't illegal but is it ethical? We certainly don't think so and do not want to partake in it.

You should only pay for what matters.

As our founder elegantly puts it, "Our current mattress price is already the discounted price you get elsewhere, maybe even slightly more affordable!". Hence, Joey Mattress will never participate in the promotion cycles or gimmicks that our competitor does, or throw in freebies to entice you or rush you to buy. Our prices are set at a fraction of the price for the same quality elsewhere as we get our mattresses direct from the factory with no middleman or any crazy markup involved.

Decide for yourself.

We tell you how it is, what it is, and why it is to your face, we trust you to make the right decision for your own well-being. We believe in our products.
Now it is your turn to trust us, we are good in bed 😉

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