What is the Joey Mattress Topper?

by Xiuwei Wong Oct 3, 2023

A mattress topper is a plush, comfortable layer of padding that you place on an existing mattress. If you’re looking for a potential solution to your back pain, you’ve come to the right place.

What is the Joey Mattress Topper?

Think of the Joey Mattress Topper like an extra cushioning layer on your mattress that upgrades BOTH the comfort and support of your bed.
Unlike others in the market, our mattress topper is especially designed to be compatible with ALL mattresses, making it a really versatile addition to the bedroom.

The Joey Mattress Topper can be used to:
a) Adjust your bed’s texture,
b) Turn too-hard or too-soft beds into a perfect medium-firmness,
c) Upgrade old mattresses,
d) Protect and extend the lifespan of your bed, and
e) Function as a spare guest bed or play mat.

The Joey Mattress Topper makes all surfaces perfectly medium-firm.
Most importantly, the Joey Mattress Topper is also treated to be naturally anti-dustmite!

Who is the Joey Mattress Topper for?

The Joey Mattress Topper is recommended for:
- People sleeping on old mattresses
- People sleeping on too-firm or too-soft beds
- People who are renting a house/using rented beds
- Students who stay in dorms
- Spontaneous overnight guests
- Double-decker beds that can’t fit thicker mattresses
- People who don’t want to invest in a brand new mattress just yet!

Does the Joey Mattress Topper help with back pain?

Yes, the Joey Mattress Topper can help alleviate back pain. However this depends on the root cause of your back pain issues.

The Joey Mattress Topper can help with your back pain if:
- You’ve been sleeping in an awkward position due to an uncomfortable mattress
- You prefer a comfier, supportive bed texture,
- Your current bed is too-hard or too soft (our topper makes beds medium firm!)

The Joey Mattress Topper cannot help with your back pain if:
- The source of back pain is congenital or injury-induced,
- Your bed is severely uneven, and does not allow you to sleep in a proper position.

If you have chronic back pain, we would certainly advise you to consult a medical professional to best ease your worries!

Joey Mattress Topper near me

If you’re wondering where to get the best mattress topper near you in Malaysia, Joey’s got you covered.

We deliver to anywhere in both East and West Malaysia, for free!

The Joey Mattress Topper comes in the sizes below:
- Single Joey Mattress Topper
- Super Single Joey Mattress Topper
- Queen Joey Mattress Topper
- King Joey Mattress Topper

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