By Joey Mattress

Normal Variations In Natural & Organic Latex

Natural latex is imperfectly perfect. Our products are also partially made and handled by human hands involving various processes. This, coupled with the material being natural latex, means that there is bound to be variations in colour, finish and overall look of each Joey Pillow.

The natural latex we use will almost always have some form of unique mark that people may mistake for faulty workmanship. These marks may include small air bubbles, minor uneven sides, or even a streak of air bubble that cuts across the Joey pillow.

Perfectly Imperfect Latex

These are defining characteristics of an authentic full-latex pillow and does not impact the function or supportiveness of the pillow at all. These unique marks just make each and every Joey Pillow uniquely yours 💙

Do note that these minor variations are not covered under the warranty, as they do not affect the performance of the Joey Pillow at all.

However, if your Joey Pillow has major imperfections other than the ones listed here, you are more than welcome to email us a picture of your Joey Pillow to see if it is eligible for a warranty claim. Our Customer Happiness team will respond as soon as they can, and make sure you are taken care of for this enquiry.