J-Foam vs. Other materials

There are many different types of mattresses available on the market today, such as Latex, Spring, Coconut Fibre, Innercoil latex hybrid, and Memory Foam, just to name a few! If you're in the process of shopping for a mattress, the number of choices out there can, quite frankly, be dizzying! So what is J-Foam, and how does it compare with other materials? Here's our analysis of J-Foam vs the top 3 most commonly used mattress materials:

J-Foam vs Latex

The Right Firmness

Latex mattresses may be too firm and cause the spine to be unevenly supported when slept on. J-Foam is a 6.5 on the mattress firmness level, which is just right

Controlled Compression

J-Foam expands every morning after you get out of bed so that premature compression of your mattress is minimised unlike all-latex beds, which may compress and sink prematurely

Don't Sweat It

Feeling hot has been reported by about 10% of people that own latex mattresses. J-Foam was engineered to be ultra-breathable so that you'll always feel cool!

Affordable luxury

Natural latex mattresses can cost several thousands of Ringgit, especially in local showrooms. J-Foam provides premium sleep at an affordable price

J-Foam vs Memory Foam

We're Cooler

The J-Foam blend is engineered for ultra-breathability so that you are kept cool on warm tropical Malaysian nights

More Supportive

The two layers in a Joey Mattress, the J-Foam Comfort and J-Foam Support, work together to provide the ultimate support for your spine without being too soft

Sinks, yet bounces back

No sinking in because the mattress is too soft, which causes a feeling of being trapped

Good for you and the environment

J-Foam is free from nasty chemicals, heavy metals, made without phthalates or ozone-depleters, and is recyclable!

J-Foam vs Springs

Even Pressure Relief

J-Foam supports the proper alignment of the spine so that all your muscles can rest as you sleep. Goodbye, backache and body pains!

Zero-Motion Transfer Technology

Have you seen the video of someone backflipping onto a Joey Mattress and the glass of orange juice on it was undisturbed? No? Check it out here.

It's a Long-Term Thing

We want to commit to you. We have a 10-year warranty against sagging and defects. Say goodbye to the days when a saggy spring mattress with springs poke into your body as you sleep!