By Eunice Low

How to care for your Joey Blanket [2022]

Soft and snuggly, yet cool and airy

Congratulations on getting the Joey Blanket for yourself, it'll give you great sleep for years to come.

Here's how to care for your new favourite blanket so that it stays in tip-top condition:

  • Machine wash with cold water
  • Tumble dry on low, or reduce your carbon footprint and line dry
  • Avoid fabric softeners
  • Avoid putting clothing with zips/rough fabric in the same wash cycle (fabric friction can cause pilling issues in the long run)
  • Do not use bleach
  • Iron on low if you love the "crisp blanket on my bed" look


Extra Care Tips


Want extra fluffiness? - This tip works primarily for people who tumble dry their Joey Blanket. When tumble drying, occasionally stop the dryer, take out your Joey Blanket to shake it out, then continue the cycle. This ensures that the blanket dries more evenly, which gives more fluffiness.

Stained your Joey Blanket? - Keep calm, but act quickly. First, get some paper towels and try to soak up any access liquids. Then, get some liquid detergent (if using powder detergent, add some water to make a detergent paste) and apply it directly to the stain. Apply it directly on the stain and gently rub the fabric together with your fingers. This will allow the detergent to break apart any oil molecules in the stain and make the stain easier to wash off. Finally, put it in the washing machine and it should come out looking great!

Want your Joey Blanket to last extra long? - Air it out, outside! Airing the blanket allows fresh air to circulate through the Baffle Boxes and the filling inside. This makes sure that there are no hidden damp spots that will lead to musty smells. Sunshine and fresh air can do wonders like naturally kill bacteria and freshen up your bedding, and we say your Joey Blanket deserves that natural TLC!

Now that you're armed with these great care tips, go forth and enjoy great sleep with your new favourite blanket!

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