By Eunice Low

The Ultimate Guide to Bedsheet Shopping 2022 (7 Must-Know Points)

Getting some new sheet (😉) for your bedroom? Here’s what you must know to get the perfect sheets for YOU and your loved ones.

1. Know your measurements

Joey Mattress Malaysian Mattress measurements

Standard Malaysian mattresses are 190cm in length (approx. 6’3”), and the width is as follows:

  • Single: 91cm (approx. 2’11”)
  • Super single: 107cm (approx. 3’6”)
  • Queen: 152cm (approx. 4’11”)
  • King: 183cm (approx. 6’)

If your mattress isn’t in the standard Malaysian mattress sizing, be sure to get your mattress’ proper measurements before sheet-shopping so you get sheets that fit.

Do also keep in mind the height of the mattress. Make sure that the sheets you but are able to properly cover the sides of the mattress!

2. Know the fibre content before adding to your cart

Bedsheet Tag iStock
Photo credit: iStock

Make sure to read the tag or product description before buying the bedsheets.

Some shady companies, for example, might advertise that they sell Egyptian cotton bedsheets, but when you check the fibre content, it could be just 70% cotton and the other 30% is polyester.

Fibre mixes are okay, but lying to consumers is not.

However, companies still do it. Seeing how bedsheets aren’t cheap, you can do your part as a smart shopper to make sure you get what you pay for, by simply reading the product description/tag before adding it to your cart!

Want some recommendations? Here are the top 5 bedsheet materials that we’ve found to be best for our Malaysian weather!

3. Do you like it rough or smooth in bed?

Texture of bedsheets
Textured vs smooth bedsheet material
Photo credit (left): Luca Laurence, Unsplash

Bedsheets come in all types of materials and textures.

If you like more textured sheets, materials like linen would suit you just right.

However, if you like smoother surfaces, materials such as silk or silk-imitation (polyester) might be right up your alley.

Different types of weaves also affect the final finish of the bedsheets in different ways.

The percale weave, the most common crisscross pattern in the industry, makes for a durable, breathable, but slightly rougher sleeping surface.

A sateen weave has more fibres along the surface which results in a smoother and more luxurious sleep surface.

Do some research, feel some samples in-store, or if you want it to be more hygienic, go with a company that lets you try their bedsheets at home.

This was the “rough/smooth” we were talking about. Did you think that we were talking about something else? 😏

4. For the a e s t h e t i c people - How does it fit in with the rest of your bedroom?

When bedsheet shopping, the easiest thing to do is to buy sheets in your favourite colour.

However, that is not the best way to do it if your room already has a certain aesthetic. You need to keep in mind the design of your bedroom when purchasing the sheets.

When shopping, keep a picture of your room on your phone and constantly refer to it when deciding the design of the sheets you want to buy. Do keep in mind how the texture and colour of the bedsheets will fit in with any art pieces/decorations in your room.

You’d also have to decide between colour-only or patterned sheets.

Solid-coloured sheets will give your bedding a more mature, muted, and calm vibe, whereas sheets with patterns and designs are a great way to go if you’d like a pop of colour in your bedroom space, or if you want your bed to be the focal point of the bedroom.

Textures of the material will also contribute to the vibe you want to achieve with your bedsheets. For example, linen, which has a textured finish, has a cool, laid-back vibe. On the other hand, sheets with a more reflective shine (like sheets with the sateen weave), will make the room look more modern and luxurious.

Of course, you can always mix it up by pairing different colours and patterns together, and create dimensions by combining different textures. At the end of the day, it’s your bedroom, and we’re all for you coming up with the perfect aesthetic for yourself.

5. Thread count - NOT the sole thing you should focus on

Most Malaysians learned how to buy bedsheets based on what their parents taught them. If you’re anything like us, mama/papa probably taught you to get the one with the highest thread count, full stop.

However, the thread count is not the only thing you should focus on.

Certain bedsheet companies with questionable ethics will advertise high thread counts when it doesn’t really improve the quality of the sheets.

With the advancement of technology in the textiles industry, Apartment Therapy’s quality tests have shown that the sweet spot for sheet suppleness and durability is between the 300 to 500 TC mark.

Joey Tan Thread Count Truth

Anything lower than the 300 mark might be a little rough on the skin, and sheets higher than 500 TC do not necessarily mean that it’s of better quality.

The best way to determine the quality of the sheets is to touch the material yourself, be it either at a store or if an online store allows you to try the sheets at home.

6. Blankets vs. Comforter vs. Blanket/Duvet Covers?

Blankets, comforters, and duvets serve the same purpose - to keep you warm in bed.

We’ve found that most Malaysians use the word “blanket” for the bedding piece that keeps you warm through the night, so to avoid confusion, we’ll just call it a blanket.

Here at Joey Mattress, we sell the Joey Blanket as well as the Joey Blanket Cover.

Joey Blanket
The Joey Blanket - Can be used as-is, or with a blanket cover
Joey Blanket Cover Ice Blue Stripe
The Joey Blanket Cover in Ice Blue Stripe

Many brands sell a blanket together with their bedsheet set, but most of the time it will come in the pattern of the bedsheet set.

If aesthetics is something important to you, it may be worth investing in a bedsheet set with blanket covers so that when you change your bedsheets, the colour theme of the bedsheets is cohesive, and not mismatched.

Room picture Koepfer Unsplash
Do you like the “cohesive bedsheet set” aesthetic, or do you like the “mismatched bedsheet set & blanket” design?
Photo credit: Nine Koepfer, Unsplash

Using a blanket cover is also more hygienic as come laundry day, you can just strip off the blanket cover to throw in the wash. It’s a lot easier to wash and dry the blanket cover as compared to washing and drying a thick blanket.

7. Do the sheets have a return policy?

Have you ever tried a shirt at a clothing store, thought that it fits perfect, only to wear it out some other time and realise that it’s ill-fitting or made of a material that isn’t that comfortable?

It’s the same thing with bedsheets. You never really know if you like it until you try it out properly at home.

And the best way to do that is to check if the stores you’re buying the sheets from have a good return policy.

While it’s not a widely-adopted practice among retail stores here in Malaysia, a lot of online-only companies offer returns for your bedsheets if you find that they don’t suit you.

However, it is important to properly read the fine print as some companies may have terms and conditions for the bedsheet returns. It is also wise to read up on what the companies do with the returned bedsheet sets.

Here at Joey Mattress, our bedsheets come with a 99-night trial and free returns, so you can buy them in peace knowing that you’ll keep them only if you love them. The returned bedsheet sets are donated to people in need, and never resold to our customers! 

Joey Bedsheet Set 99 night trial