By Eunice Low

What to Get for the Sleepy Person Who Has Everything

We all know someone who already has everything and it’s super hard to shop for them.

If said person is Malaysian, then the best thing we can get them is good sleep (since Malaysians don’t sleep quite enough).

So here it is, the Official Joey Mattress Guide to What to Get for the Sleepy Person Who Has Everything:


The sleepy person who’s going to university

Joey Pillow for Uni Student


If you know someone who’s going off to uni and you want to give them a farewell present, the Joey Pillow would be a great gift because it

  • Provides them with great support when they sleep and helps to realign their spine, neck, and shoulders properly. They’ll need this since they will be hunched over books and computers a lot,
  • Is made of pure latex so it will last them for a long time, all throughout their time in uni. Uni is already very stressful as it is, so giving them the gift of a good night’s sleep will greatly help them.

And, we’ve heard that it’s very comfortable to lie on the Joey Pillow and watch Netflix at the end of the night. Which uni student won’t love that?


The sleepy couple who’s getting married/who’s moving into their new place 

Joey Mattress Wedding Gift Kenduri 

Gifting the newlyweds/people moving into their new home a Joey Mattress is something super thoughtful because:

  • It guarantees at least 10 years of great sleep,
  • It’s conveniently packed in a box,
  • The Zero-Motion Transfer Technology will ensure that both partners can sleep peacefully without being disturbed.

As cheesy as it is to say this, it really is the gift that keeps on giving (for at least 10 years, at that).


The (extra) sleepy person who’s just had a baby 

Joey Mattress Protector Present for Newborn

For someone who has a newborn, they will LOVE getting the Joey Mattress Protector as a gift because:

  • It’s waterproof and keeps their mattress clean from baby pee, milk, baby vomit, or anything else that babies inevitably produce,
  • It’s very breathable and doesn’t make the sleeper feel warm,
  • There’s no crinkly noise that waterproof mattress protectors normally have, so the newborn won’t be disturbed in his/her sleep.

They will thank you for it, trust us on that.


The sleepy child/niece/nephew

Joey Blanket Gifts for Children

If you need to shop for an adorable little kid, the Joey Blanket is perfect because

  • They can cuddle into its cloud-like softness and feel safe,
  • The blanket will keep warm and it can prevent them from getting the flu (especially if they sleep in an air-conditioned room),
  • It can be their forever blankie that they can pass on to THEIR own kids.

They can also use it to build a SICK blanket fort, so you’ll get extra points for gifting them that.


The sleepy & ultra-rich aunty who has EVERYTHING/The sleepy sibling who doesn’t ask for anything 

The Joey Bedsheet Set makes a great gift for someone who already has everything because it’s

  • Super practical (Everyone needs a set of good sheets),
  • Super comfortable (How cooling and lightweight our sheet is *chef’s kiss),
  • Lasts them a long time,
  • Makes their bedroom look damn good.

This is some good sheet that everyone will be happy to get, we guarantee that.


All Joey products come with free delivery nationwide (which makes it super easy to post it to them directly) and warranty periods (so that you know your gift will last).

So go on, get them a Joey. We promise you that they’ll love it.