By Eunice Low

What's Covered In The Joey Mattress 10-year Warranty?

10 year warranty

Your new Joey Mattress is covered by a 10-year Limited Warranty.

Hey there, you smart consumer! You've made the right choice by coming here to learn more about the Joey Mattress 10-year limited warranty. Read on to find out what's covered by this warranty, and what circumstances make this warranty void.

What Purchases Are Covered By This Warranty?

This warranty covers your purchase if you

  • are the original (first) purchaser of the Joey Mattress, as the warranty is non-transferable.
  • bought your Joey Mattress directly from us on
  • are located in Malaysia.


So, What Does The Warranty Cover?

  • A visible sag of more than 1.5 in/38 mm. (Or, roughly the height of 3 pieces of pisang goreng stacked on top of one another.)
  • A physical flaw that causes the foam material to split or crack, despite you treating your Joey Mattress with tender loving care.


What Does The Warranty Not Cover?

  • Normal and gradual softening of the J-Foam Support (don't worry, this doesn't affect the pressure-relieving qualities of your Joey Mattress).
  • Comfort preference.
  • Physical abuse/damage to your Joey Mattress (e.g. burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage, etc.) caused by you (Eh bro wyd la treating your Joey Mattress this badly?)
  • Joey Mattresses sold by unauthorized resellers.


What Makes The Warranty Void?

  • If the bed base is not a firm and solid one that can support your Joey Mattress properly.
  • If you use your Joey Mattress other than for sleeping on. If you use your Joey Mattress to cushion your fall when jumping off of your roof, janganlah expect us to cover the damages sustained by your Joey Mattress. Don't like that lah, boss.

(As you can see, these circumstances we do not cover are actually just good practices for maintaining your mattresses.)

  • If you've lost your original receipt.
  • If you're not the original (first) owner.


What to expect transportation-wise?

The shipping costs required to return your Mattress to our factory will be borne by you. The repair cost and redelivery cost of the repaired Mattress to your home will be borne by us.  


To Summarize

We cover extreme sagging and foam flaws for 10 years, but only if you're the original (first) purchaser, located in Malaysia, and bought your mattress directly from us.

We've invested heavily in our Joey Labs, researching and developing the perfect, high-quality J-Foam mattress that will last each and every one of you many years. However, careful as we strive to be, we know that there might be a few less-than-perfect Joeys that ninja-sneak past our strict inspection processes and get sent out.

If your Joey Mattress starts acting wonky, send an email to and one of our friendly customer happiness representatives will assist you in your warranty claim.  

See the full warranty statement here