Does the Joey Bedsheet Set wrinkle?

Bamboo is a natural fibre, and natural fibres tend to wrinkle. We did not treat these sheets with anti-wrinkle chemicals because we think that having no chemicals against your skin is more important than having wrinkle-free sheets, and we're sure you share the same sentiment with us.

If you love the "wrinkle-free sheets" look, it can be achieved pretty easily!

Here are 2 ways to minimise the wrinkles on your sheets after you wash them:

  • Hang them out to air-dry - This will ensure that the fabric dries straight and minimises the wrinkles that appear
  • If tumble-drying, take them out of the dryer 10 minutes before the drying cycle ends and lay them flat/hang them on a line to finish drying. This ensures that the fabric dries flat/straight

Here's a proper guide on how to care for the Joey Bedsheet Set.