By Eunice Low

How to Maintain Your Foam Mattress

So, you've purchased a foam Joey Mattress. You watched in awe as this thin, rolled up package expanded into a whole mattress. You've been having wonderful sleep lately, and you hardly want to get out of bed anymore.

Now, what's the best way to take care of your Joey Mattress so that it'll last you?

Joey Mattress Bed Frame


Ensure you're using the right frame

The Joey Mattress is made of cutting-edge J-foam that's 10 times more durable than regular foam. As a foam-based mattress, the Joey Mattress will require a firm, flat surface for proper support underneath. This prevents your Joey Mattress from premature sagging.

 Rotating Joey Mattress

Rotate your Joey Mattress

Rotate your Joey Mattress 180 degrees once every 3-6 months, especially if you sleep alone on one side of the bed or have a significant weight differential with your sleep partner. This helps to maintain the condition of the J-Foam, which translates to solid support for the curvature of your body.

(Note: Remember, you do not need to flip your Joey Mattress)

 Cleaning Joey Mattress

Keep your Joey Mattress clean

Sometimes, accidents happen and the bed gets dirtied. I know I've spilt my bowl of snacks on my bed a few times. The best way to keep your Joey Mattress clean is to use a mattress protector. However, if you ever do need to clean your Joey Mattress, spot clean with a slightly damp cleaning cloth, and air-dry it naturally. 


As you can see, the maintenance of a Joey Mattress is fairly easy. If you follow these tips on how to take care of and maintain your Joey Mattress, rest assured that your Joey Mattress will take care of you too, giving you many, many years* of amazing sleep.


*We know that your Joey mattress would last a long time (at least 10 years) if used properly. However, we also know that not everything is 101% perfect. If your Joey Mattress starts sinking or acting weird (even if it's 9 years and 11 months after you purchased it), don't worry, our 10-year warranty will cover you.

We highly doubt that you'll need it, though ;)